We're wholesale nursery committed to supplying quality plant material at competitive prices to all of Conroe, The Woodlands and Magnolia area.

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With more than 700 different items in stock, The Woodlands Wholesale Nursery offers a wide array of lawn and garden products. The nursery opened in January at 4598 FM 1488 and serves The Woodlands, Conroe and Magnolia areas.

Woodlands Wholesale Nursery

General Manager Horacio Albiter and owner Robert Rouse operate Woodlands Wholesale Nursery.

“We offer the full line of nursery products–anywhere from colorful flowers all the way up to larger trees,” said Robert Rouse, who co-owns Woodlands Wholesale Nursery with his wife Nancy.

Prior to opening Woodlands Wholesale Nursery, Robert Rouse owned and operated a rock quarry shop near his current nursery.

Plants at the nursery range from one gallon to 200 gallons and include trees, bushes and shrubs, fruit-bearing plants, perennials, roses and annuals. Woodlands Wholesale Nursery sells to landscaping professionals, builders, contractors and individual buyers.

“What separates us from our competitors is we have professional landscapers on our staff who will help a do-it-yourselfer design their yard at no charge,” Rouse said. “The customer draws it, and our landscapers can show you where it goes, where to put shade, where to put evergreens, where to put color, wherever things need to be placed.”

Rouse said the nursery typically runs seasonal specials and more are planned for the fall and holiday seasons.

Woodlands Wholesale Nursery, 4598 FM 1488, Conroe, 936-271-2244, www.woodlandswhosalenursery.com

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